Staff List

NameSex Description Online
Dark Queen Mari Female Owner No
Diabolical Monarch Malia Female Owner & Head of Staff No
N7 Chimera Mera Savage Female Co-Owner & Sr. Admin, No
Hiatus! Raizel Redgrave Female Co - Owner & Sr. Admin. No
Zoinks! HunterD Male Co-Owner
Head Coder & Server Admin.
Crimson Commander Inian Male Senior Admin (On Leave) No
Nessa Female Sr. Admin No
DMD Male Moderator No

Inactive/Homorary Staff List

NameSex Description Online
Majestic Seraph Alita Female Owner No
Broken Wings Zatara Female Knows Most Things No
Queen Sheba Female Knows How To Do Things No
Fallen One Molokai Male Inactive Moderator No

These are Inactive/Honorary Staff Members
RP Staff List

NameSex Description Online
Hiatus! Raizel Redgrave Female Head of RP Staff No
Nessa Female Head of RP Staff No

This is a list of all RP staff.

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